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Get the help your small business needs with Physicians Accounting & Management Solutions Inc.. We are the leading payroll specialist for small businesses. We provide timely service, industry-leading expertise, and comprehensive management solutions. We’re helping business owners streamline their payment process, saving them time and money in the process.

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Physicians Accounting & Management Solutions Inc.: Complete Payroll Accounting Services

We are a full-service payroll account manager. We offer a complete range of services that provide small business owners with the comprehensive assistance they need to maintain operational efficiency and improve their internal organization. We make payroll fast, simple, and stress-free. With our support, you can trust that your staff will receive the correct compensation—including the correct deductions and allowances—at the right time.

Our Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Software Selection and Installation

In recent years, the number of payroll software programs has increased exponentially. Our payroll specialist can help you select the right one for your business needs and technical proficiencies. We’ll ensure that your choice meets the parameters of your business while helping improve office organization.

Employee Classification

The pay structure of your staff depends on the classification of each employee. Whether you employ salaried, hourly, or commission-based employees will affect the way that payroll is determined. So too will hiring contractors. Our team can help you navigate the various classifications and ensure that each member of your staff receives the just compensation they deserve.

Direct Deposit

Go paperless with direct deposit. As a small business ourselves, we know that paperwork often feels like the bane of one’s existence. We can help you make the transition to electronic pay databases while transferring your staff to direct deposit payment. As a result, you’ll cut down on paper and have more accessible documentation for pay stubs. Less paperwork for you, less hassle for your staff: It’s a win-win for everyone.

Online Access

In addition to going paperless with direct deposit, our payroll services also offer options to improve online accessibility. We can create a central hub where your staff can access their confidential pay statements and check that they are receiving the correct pay. In the process, we also make it easier to locate relevant employment documentation for filing taxes.

Custom Payroll Solutions

Reduce your workload. Improve your productivity. Our custom payroll solutions help you achieve both.

We provide custom payroll restructuring services to align your payroll with the needs of your business, as well as with state and federal law. We use a client-focused, collaborative approach, to get to know you as a business owner, understand your needs, and develop a personalized solution accordingly. In the process, we help you optimize your efficiency so that you can stay prosperous. With our help, you’re bound to save money on payroll management in the long run.

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